Here’s How To Install Siri On iPhone 4 and iPod Touch Running iOS 5

Posted in Apps,News by Staff on October 31, 2011

After the couple of weeks debate finally we have been able to install iPhone 4S Siri on the old generation devices like iPhone 4 and iPod Touch running iOS 5, but in jailbroken status. We have reported earlier last week that some developers have been working hard to port Siri on iPhone 4, and on other devices. Since they got a way to do the port of Siri to iPhone 4 but didn’t get a contact with Apple’s Siri Service servers.


How To Get Siri Personal Assistant On Your iPhone 4 / iPod Touch

Posted in Apps,Download,News by Staff on October 8, 2011
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A large number of folks have asked us after the announcement of the iPhone 4S, what so special inside the iPhone 4S? and I was amazed at the moment, actually what we have new in the iPhone? We have already A5 Processor on iPad 2, and the 64Gb capacity in the iPod. So why Apple took more than 17 months to launch the new device? Just because of a 8 MegaPixel Camera?


The Reason Why The iPhone Will Always Have A 3.5-inch Screen

Posted in News by Staff on October 8, 2011
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it’s all about why the iPhone’s screen is still 3.5-inches across its diagonal, while most Android, and even Windows Phone 7 (ultimate special super duper series edition 7) handsets are sporting ever increasing screen dimensions.


iTunes U Has Topped 600 Million Downloads

Posted in Apps,News by Staff on September 9, 2011

iTunes U education purpose portal has achieved a mark of 600 million downloads since its official launch four years ago back in 2007, by Steve Jobs. The milestone amount does not seems to be good, but still the milestone reveals significant improve in the popularity of the product, as suggested by milestone by itself service has passed 300 million downloads in just a year, means in the last year!


Apple Introduced A New Charitable Matching Program For Employees, Currently Only For US

Apple has introduced a new charitable matching program for its employees, with offering to match employees’ personal charitable contributions up to $10,000 per year. The service is announced by the Apple’s New CEO Tim Cook through the Apple’s internal mailing system to all employees of the Apple, initially it is reported that the service is only launched for the full-time US employees, but also worth noting here that the service will be extended soon to other countries. Let’s take a look at the announcement email


[Cydia Tweak] Future SMS Lets You Send SMS On Your Chosen DateFuture SMS Lets You Send SMS On Your Chosen Date

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Cydia for provide a handy Tweak Future SMS for iPhone which lets you send SMS for latter time. With this Tweak you can write the message before hand and send them on the specific date.


Find My iPhone Service Used To Locate Wreckage Of Chile Plane Crash

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The another recovery made by Find My iPhone was done by a Bolognese girl, who was a volley ball trainer and was practicing her daily routine of Volley Ball practice. While she was busy, a 17 year old kid approached her purse and stole her purse and ran away. Later on she moved to Find My iPhone and located where her iPhone was. The thief and iPhone were caught by the police.


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