iPhone 4 Baseband Unlocking With Gevey Ultra SIM – Hands ON!

Posted in News,Unlocked by Staff on June 27, 2011

Gevey SIM is now the popular SIM among users who are still locked on iOS 4.x.x and on Basebands from 2.10.04-4.10.01. Many predictions were made about the official Unlock and still now Unlock was given out officially by the Dev-Team. After this long time it also looks like they are not gonna release the Unlock or might have not started to work on the Unlock.

Any ways we got Gevey SIM in the market and this SIM card seems to be very loyal with its user. When Gevey SIMwas introduced, the current version and Baseband was 4.2.1 and Baseband 3.10.04. Now it is iOS 4.3.3 with Baseband 4.10.01 and Gevey Updated its SIM to work with the latest Baseband, where as Dev-Team still didn’t came up with the Unlock.

Any ways Gevey SIM has been Updated from Gevey to Gevey Pro and now Gevey Ultra SIM. Before they made their Gevey Ultra SIM, which is the Untethered version of the old Gevey SIMs, a new SIM called as Gevey Pro Plus / Supreme was released by some other team which was the first Untethered SIM. Here Untethered means you don’t have to dial 112 to activate the SIM.

After some time Gevey people also updated their SIM to Gevey Ultra with the untethered Support. Means no need to dial 112.

2 Responses to 'iPhone 4 Baseband Unlocking With Gevey Ultra SIM – Hands ON!'

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  1. Betty Ford said,

    That’s definitely true! Because of the latest version of gevey sim to Gevey Supreme, the issues about legalities has been somehow closed.

    • Admin said,

      I think so

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