Sunday is Funday: iPad 2 Jailbreak is Released, But Beware!

Posted in News by Staff on June 27, 2011

Today is Sunday and people are hoping that it can be a Funday. So if you are thinking the same so you are right. It looks like i0n1c aka Stefan Esser made a Funday for the users of iPad 2. This time Comex seems to be left behind.

We came across a website with the name of i0n1c and claims that it got the iPad 2 Jailbreak. *Note: The website may not open for every one.

In past i0n1c has teased iPad 2 Jailbreak with the name of “Elevat0r”, if you remember.  But no tweet or any words are said by him on the release of the Jailbreak. He might have to keep it secret.

Any ways we were also very excited as you will be now after hearing iPad 2 Jailbreak is out. After visiting the link and downloading the Tool we found out that the Tool is totally a fail and some has made this website to De-Grade i0n1c and to make some money via it because many of the people are hungry for iPad 2 Jailbreak.

In other sense it could be a trick by i0n1c to lose its followers because in past he was trying to get rid of the bunch of followers.

The exceptions go and go on. So our suggestion is not to go on the web and waste your time and patience on this useless tool. Wait for the Genuine one which is said to be coming by @Comex and it is almost ready and few things are needed to be fixed. So expect a release soon by @Comex .

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  1. Tim m said,

    Lol you think it’s a trick?

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