How To Get Siri Personal Assistant On Your iPhone 4 / iPod Touch

Posted in Apps,Download,News by Staff on October 8, 2011
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A large number of folks have asked us after the announcement of the iPhone 4S, what so special inside the iPhone 4S? and I was amazed at the moment, actually what we have new in the iPhone? We have already A5 Processor on iPad 2, and the 64Gb capacity in the iPod. So why Apple took more than 17 months to launch the new device? Just because of a 8 MegaPixel Camera?


Download MAC OS X Lion 10.7.2 Build 11C48 And iCloud Beta 10 For Developers

Posted in Download,IOS by Staff on September 3, 2011
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 Apple pushed out an update to MAC OS X Lion 10.72 Build 11c48 and iCloud Beta 10 for Developers. The updates have started to roll out one week after the previous release.


Share Your Wi-Fi Network Password With Friends Using QR Codes [Android Only]

if you want to keep your Wi-Fi password private and yet have friends over who need to use the internet, there is a solution!