[Confirmed] iPhone4 Unlock Will Also Unlock iOS4.3 Baseband 4.10.01

Posted in IOS,Unlocked by Staff on August 30, 2011
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Hey folks previously we told you about the the Exploits for iPhone4 has been found and are for both the basebands 2.10.04 and 3.10.04 on which many of you were stuck for months. But moments ago we got a tweet from @MuscleNerd that :


Unlock iOS 5 Baseband With Gevey SIM On iPhone 4 – [PROOF]!!

Posted in News,Unlocked by Staff on June 29, 2011

Remember Gevey SIM or Gevey Pro SIM, hardware based unlocking solution for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS with latest basebands on all latest versions of iOS firmware? Well, today we heard from our friends that Gevey Pro SIM has done its magic again and this time it works on iOS 5, yeah we got words that a reader tests Gevey Pro SIM on his iPhone 4 running iOS 5 and magically its working!

We have covered several articles about Gevey SIM and his work, but again if someone is new here and don’t know too much about Gevey SIM working procedure, Gevey SIM is small chip in shape of SIM card, and to unlock iPhone, we have to insert this chip card along with carrier SIM card, after it you have to follow some brain eating procedures like, dialing emergency number (112) and turning Flight Mode off and on, to get unlock on your iPhone and important thing is, it does not need jailbreak like ultrasn0w unlock.


iPhone 4 Baseband Unlocking With Gevey Ultra SIM – Hands ON!

Posted in News,Unlocked by Staff on June 27, 2011

Gevey SIM is now the popular SIM among users who are still locked on iOS 4.x.x and on Basebands from 2.10.04-4.10.01. Many predictions were made about the official Unlock and still now Unlock was given out officially by the Dev-Team. After this long time it also looks like they are not gonna release the Unlock or might have not started to work on the Unlock. (more…)