How To Get Siri Personal Assistant On Your iPhone 4 / iPod Touch

Posted in Apps,Download,News by Staff on October 8, 2011
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A large number of folks have asked us after the announcement of the iPhone 4S, what so special inside the iPhone 4S? and I was amazed at the moment, actually what we have new in the iPhone? We have already A5 Processor on iPad 2, and the 64Gb capacity in the iPod. So why Apple took more than 17 months to launch the new device? Just because of a 8 MegaPixel Camera?


Google Launched “Google Swiffy” Flash Content To HTML 5 Converter!!!

Posted in News by Staff on June 29, 2011
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As far as we know there was only a tool available in the market by Adobe with name of “Wallaby” which let you to convert the Flash content to HTML5, this tool is introduced by Adobe earlier this year. But now it seems that Google also want to take some success by developing this type of tool and service which allow users to convert Flash-to-HTML5, today Google has announced the “Google Swiffy” a new effort of Google Labs which allow user to convert their Flash content to HTML 5 and allow them to show it on iOS devices.


What Is More Secure, iOS Or Android? – Symantec REPORT!!

Posted in News by Staff on June 29, 2011
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Today the Symantec geeks released the Press Release regarding the security of iOS and Android.. They claim that both of these OS’s holders are much safe than today’s desktop OS’s. Carey Nachenberg, Symantec Fellow and Chief Architect said

“Today’s mobile devices are a mixed bag when it comes to security, While more secure than traditional PCs, these platforms are still vulnerable to many traditional attacks. Moreover, enterprise employees are increasingly using unmanaged, personal devices to access sensitive enterprise resources, and then connecting these devices to 3rd-party services outside of the governance of the enterprise, potentially exposing key assets to attackers.”