Apple Introduced A New Charitable Matching Program For Employees, Currently Only For US

Apple has introduced a new charitable matching program for its employees, with offering to match employees’ personal charitable contributions up to $10,000 per year. The service is announced by the Apple’s New CEO Tim Cook through the Apple’s internal mailing system to all employees of the Apple, initially it is reported that the service is only launched for the full-time US employees, but also worth noting here that the service will be extended soon to other countries. Let’s take a look at the announcement email


[VIDEO] Apple Airs New iPad 2 Commercial Titled ‘Learn’

Posted in News,Videos by Staff on September 2, 2011
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With Apple purported to be refreshing its iPhone and iPod range and bringing forth iOS 5, it’s only fair that the Cupertino gives the iPad a little airplay, if you’ll pardon the pun.